E99: Lizzie Streeter - NHS England National LGBT Health Programme Manager

**Trigger Warning**

Naman Julka-Anderson and Jo McNamara catch up with Lizzie Streeter as part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion series (part 7).

Discussion about Lizzie’s career, LGBT health issues and the importance of supporting the LGBT community.
To use this podcast as CPD, look at these reflection points: 
1) Consider LGBT specific health issues.
2) Reflect on the terminology you use to speak to patients. Is it inclusive?
3) Read and/or watching one of the books or TV Shows listed below. Reflect on what you have learnt.

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Links from podcast:
None of the Above: Reflections on Life Beyond the Binary by Travis Alabanza
The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice by Shon Faye
All the Things They Said We Couldn’t Have: Stories of Trans Joy by Tash Oakes-Monger
TV Shows:
Heart Stopper - Netflix
It’s a Sin - Channel 4
Rebel Dykes - Channel 4
The Bisexual - Channel 4

Live Through This Charity: https://livethroughthis.co.uk/
Get in touch with the NHS England National LGBT Health Programme: england.lgbtadvisor@nhs.net

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