E63: Nick Bennet - FIKA a Mental Fitness Platform

Education and Workforce Development Series (Part 18)
**Trigger warning**

Naman Julka-Anderson andJo McNamara catch up with Nick Bennett as part of the Education and Workforce Development Series (Part 18)

Discussion about mental fitness and the FIKA mental fitness platform.
To use this podcast as CPD, look at these reflection points: 

1) Mindset. Reflect on the notion of Mental Fitness. Consider that much like physical exercise and fitness you can build and improve your mental health through regular mental activities as an individual and even better, collectively as part of a team. It’s a common misconception that mental skills like confidence and positivity are simply character traits, you either have it or you don’t. This is not true. These mental skills that can be learnt and improved with practice of brief psychological informed activities. Reflecting on this potential you have to improve your mental strength is a growth mindset.

2) Behaviour change. While considering this growth mindset. Reflect on the behaviours you and your teams have when working together. Consider yourself as a role model. Your behaviours are contagious and by role modeling you have the potential to encourage a growth mindset within your team.
3) Commit to act. Like any other form of exercise, you need to act to build your mental fitness. As a role model in your team commit to starting a gratitude wave in an upcoming meeting with your team. How does this work? Simply request a few minutes at the start of the meeting and explain to the team you are about to start a gratitude wave. Choose a team member and publicly declare some gratitude for them, recognise them and share gratitude for what they contribute to the team. Then ask that person to choose another colleague and share gratitude for them and so on. Once everyone has spoken, ask how everyone feels.

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