E62: Ashwin Upadhya - Being a South Asian LGBTQ+ Person Working in the NHS

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Part 4
**Trigger warning**
Naman Julka-Anderson and Jo McNamara catch up with Ashwin Upadhya as part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Series (Part 4)
Discussion about being from a South Asian background and LGBTQ+ while working in the NHS.
To use this podcast as CPD, look at these reflection points: 
1) Reflect upon your practice and how you support patients with personalised care. 
2) Consider the challenges faced by people from a protected characteristic.
3) reflect on how you can you improve your understanding of these challenges faced?

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Links from podcast:
Ashwin’s blog “coming out again and again:” https://www.csp.org.uk/frontline/article/coming-out-again-again 

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