E21: Sara Liyanage - Ticking off Breast Cancer

Living With and Beyond Cancer Part 1

**Trigger Warning**
Discussion around cancer treatment, advice given to patients and the website Ticking off Breast Cancer. 
Jo McNamara and Naman Julka-Anderson catch up with Sara Liyanage as part of the Living With and Beyond Cancer series (Part 1).
To use this podcast as CPD look at these reflection points: 
1) Reflect on how you use the patient voice within your own continual professional development.
2) Reflect on how you support patients with advice around diet and exercise. 
3) Where can you find more information on local holistic support for patients in your department?
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Links from podcast:
Sara's websitehttps://www.tickingoffbreastcancer.com/
RESPIRE resources for paithttps://www.respire.org.uk/
Society and College of Radiographers Patient Skin Care Leaflets: 5056_-_sor_design_doc_a_patient_infosheet_-_skin_care_a5_leaflet_z-fold_printready.pdf
Making every contact count: https://www.makingeverycontactcount.co.uk/
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