E18: Dr. Amanda Bolderston - Queering Cancer

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Part 2

Discussion about experiences of LGBTQ+ patients and healthcare professionals, and Queering Cancer.
Naman Julka-Anderson and Jo McNamara catch up with Dr. Amanda Bolderston as part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion series (Part 2).

To use this podcast as CPD look at the reflection points:
1) How does your own identity influence your practice, your academic work or your research?
2) What do you think your gaps are in terms of knowledge about the LGBTQ+ community?
3) What learning plan can you put into place to address some of these gaps?

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Links from podcast: Queering cancer: 
https://queeringcancer.ca/ Improving the health care experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients. 
Coming out or staying in: the experiences of gay and lesbian therapeutic radiographers. Bolderston 2020. https://www.radiographyonline.com/article/S1078-8174(19)30210-X/fulltext  
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