E15: Charlotte Beardmore - Working at the Society and College of Radiographers

Leadership Part 2

Discussion about the Society and College of Radiographers, Radiography Workforce and European Federation of Radiographer Societies. Naman Julka-Anderson and Jo McNamara catch up with Charlotte Beardmore as part of the Leadership series (Part 2).

To use this podcast as CPD look at these reflection points:
1) Have you thought about seeking out a mentor, how would you go about this and how might this help you?
2) Reflect why using your protected title when you introduce yourself is important. E.g.: “Hello my name is xxx and I’m a therapeutic radiographer, I will ….”
3) What opportunities might you have to get involved in the work of the Society and College of Radiographers? How can you find out?

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Links from podcast: 
The Society and College of Radiographers: https://www.sor.org 
European Federation of Radiographer Societies https://www.efrs.eu  
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