E11: Loryn Caulfield - Radiographer led Sexual Care Clinic for Patients

Education and Workforce Development Part 2

**Trigger Warning**

Discussion around a radiographer led sexual care clinic.
Naman Julka-Anderson catches up with Loryn Caulfield as part of the Education and Workforce Development series (Part 2).

To use this podcast as CPD look at the reflection points:
1) Reflect on what you have learned from this podcast and whether it will impact on your practice.
2) Consider your experience of communicating with patients about sexuality and intimacy.
3) Review your skills and assess whether you feel you would benefit from further training.
4) Does your department/geographical area offer a service to manage patients sexuality and intimacy concerns after radiotherapy? If not is this something you can introduce?

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Links from podcast: 
An evaluation of a therapeutic radiographer led “sexual care after radiotherapy” clinic Available at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.radi.2021.02.009 
“Intimacy & Sexuality for Cancer Patients and their Partners a Booklet of Tips & Ideas for your Journey of Recovery” Dr. D Brandenburg, L Grover, and B Quinn NHS Pan-Birmingham Cancer Psychology Services, 2010. Available at: Intimacy & Sexuality for Cancer Patients & their Partners (breastcancernow.org)
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